With an absolutely electrifying beat and an even more infectious chorus, Lavish sees Kunwarr firmly establishing himself as one of the slickest and coolest up comers in the Punjabi space. Filled with classic braggadocio and flashiness, it's the perfect banger to play as you go for a ride or enter the club. 

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Indie Shorts


6:45 is an expression in an mp3 format where it's about a guy trying to tell a girl what she means to her. Her obsession has overtaken his craft and forced him to write this.

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This song captures the tough emotions that come with being far away from someone you love. It's about feeling like you'd do anything to bring joy to each other, no matter how far a

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Through "Freestyle", Kunwarr channels the essence of Atlanta hip-hop and merges it seamlessly with a trap beat to create infectious energy.

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Khoya Khoya

"Khoya Khoya," the latest composition by Anumita, takes listeners on a captivating journey through the enigmatic realm of love.

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In his latest single, "Sahaare," Akshath delves into the profound emotional connections we forge with loved ones. From family to friends to Romantic Partners

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Dil Teri Raah

Akanksha is here with a heartfelt one. "Dil Teri Rah". is a song that beautifully captures the essence of learning to let go, following your heart, and never giving up.

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